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Россия, Красноярский край,  Ачинск, ул. Свердлова, 17
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Information about Achinsk District

achinsky_rayon_coa.gifDate of formation of the Achinsk district - April 4, 1924;

Area area - 2534.21 square kilometers;

Divided into nine administrative units, village councils: Mountain, Malinowski, Yastrebovskaya, Beloyarsky, Prichulymsky, Tarutinsky, Klyuchinskaya, Transfiguration, Lapshihinsky;

Settlements of the district - 49;

Population -16,663 person;

Achinsk district is located in the west central part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In the north, the area borders on the AB-Uluyskim district, in the west - Bogotol, in the south - Nazarovsky and in the east - and Kozulsky District is 39.3 thousand sq. M. kilometers, population -16.6 thousand. man.

The official website of the Achinsk district, you can get detailed information and stories about the area and about the current socio-economic situation of the municipality.

Internet users will have all the necessary information about the work of local self-government of the municipality, their structure and functions.

The site gives details on the partnership contacts, provides information on cultural facilities, education, and contains information about the economy and investment attractiveness of the region.

Residents of the area will have on the site a lot of useful information, and wishing to visit the Achinsk district, we offer comprehensive information on tourist infrastructure.

The area is open to new contacts, both foreign and domestic investors, for all those who intend to work for the development of the district, strengthening its social and economic potential and growth of population welfare.